Analogue Store in Prague

Analogue is the 1st analogue store in Prague since it’s opening in summer 2013. We are focused only at analogue photography, classical one and instant which is still becoming more and more popular. We offer complete range of Lomography cameras including premium camera Lomo LC-A+ which started the phenomenon of lomography. Not everyone is aware of the fact that founders of Lomography Society International were in Prague in 1991 where they bought the 1st LOMO, a tiny soviet camera which named the whole trend. When Viennese students saw unique snapshots, they couldn’t help to say “this not photography, this is lomography!” And that was just the beginning.

Lomography Embassy Prague

In 2014 we proudly became Lomography Embassy Store, representatives of  Lomography in Czech Republic. You can find complete offer of Lomography cameras, lenses and films in our store. We’ll be happy to recommend or advice in your choice of some of our products, but also some tips and tricks for making better photos. You can also develope your films here.

Analogue Store

Instant Cameras and Film

Instant taking pictures is gaining it’s popularity, no one wants to wait until his or her films are developed! You can find all types of Fujifilm Instax cameras including films. We also offer refurbished Polaroid cameras with 6 months guarantee (all types – peel apart, SX-70, type 600, Image/Spectra). Films for Polaroid cameras are made now by Impossible Project company whose complete offer you can find in our store.

Next we offer classical handmade pinhole cameras from Czech company Dirkoma. This little workshop, situated in Eastern Bohemia, produces unique wooden cameras (35mm, 120 or sheet film). We also offer  photoalbums, accessories and of course all types of films – 135, 110, 120 and instant.

Film Developing Lab

We develop all types of films, colour negatives, slides, black & white (T-Max developer), we are able to scan your pictures and create prints from 9 x 13 cm (3,54 x 5,12 inches) to bigger ones more then 1 meter (3 feet and 3.37 inches). You can check the complete pricelist of photo services (CZ). No problem to create push or cross process. All orders are made within 48 hours.

Public Darkroom/Workshops

You can find a public darkroom at Analogue, which is available for lease or visit during our regular workshops. These are not oriented only on film developing but also on lomography tips and tricks as well. English is no problem. It is possible to arrange individual meetings.


Analogue organizes regular photoexhibitions.

Visit us!

We enjoy making pictures on analogue film for very long time. We thought that Prague is missing a B&M store for fans of analogue technology like us. Big and anonymous stores or e-shops are not good for us, so we opened our store in Prague’s Lesser Town (Malá strana). We want to be a meeting point for all analogue enthusiasts, where you can try all cameras and be not scared to ask the staff. Come to visit us. We’re here all working days and on Saturdays.

US Passport Photo Prague

Our shop is just up the hill from US Embassy and we dous passport photos 5x5cm (2″x2″).
We also do classic EU (German, Irish) passport photos 45x35mm. Prints available in 2 minutes.

Analogue Opening Hours:

Mo – Fr: 10 – 19

Sat: 12 – 18

You can find us at:

Vlašská 357/10, Prague 1 (Lesser Town)


Phone: +420 603 530 035

We accept VISA & MasterCard cards and offer tax free.

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